Our Story


Our story

Pirostia is a family business in ​​Vravrona region. Our family has been active in catering business since 2012, with our main focus on excellent quality and delicious flavors. Our space can accommodate up to 120 people.

You can find a variety of dishes


The ingredients

Based on the quality and incomparable taste that we want our dishes to offer, we use pure ingredients, daily selected. All dishes that include meat are prepared from fresh meat. Our vegetables are fresh and the oil in all preparations and salads is pure virgin olive oil. Our potatoes are freshly cut and we use sunflower oil for frying. All seafood is deep frozen. Based in the land where god Dionysus was worshiped in ancient times, our wine could not be anything but excellent. Three different varieties (white – rose – red) by local producers to choose from.



Vravrona is an important archaeological site and is known for the temple of Tavropolos Artemis, who has given its name to today’s municipality of eastern Attica. At the time of Theseus (Bronze Age) Vravrona was one of the 20 municipalities that united and formed the later Athenian state. The archaeological site is located on the banks of Erasinos river, which shortly before empties into the sea, its waters form marshes, making the area an important Natura 2000 site.



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